Oh Susan Twombly… what an incredibly, wonderfully un-thought out letter to the editor. It’s time for an interruption…

Twombly: In the August 14 edition of the Journal-World, an article reports on concerns that KU misrepresented survey data to justify opening campus to in-person classes. Why on earth would KU administrators do that?

You mention it later on in your own letter, but sure. Money, boo. Money.

So that they would have to work 24/7 all summer long?

If they worked 24/7 all summer long, what they came up with is embarrassing and a testament to the fact that overworking helps…

Pantaleon Florez III

Educator, Farmer, Sociolinguist. Kansas born, Mexica Herbalist. M.A. Curriculum & Instruction; B.A. German; Business Minor

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